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The Right Map Can Solve Your Biggest Business Problems
Harnessing the power of GIS to help technical leaders and their executives make better decisions.
Nix the Doubt
and confusion surrounding unclear data and analytics
Gain Clarity
because the information you need is finally available
Alleviate the Frustration
that shows up when experts and executives are not speaking the same language
Wondering What GIS Is?

Geographic Information Systems are a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing the data you depend on every single day. It’s deeply rooted in science, geography to be exact, and is a powerful combination of many different data points transformed into something as simple and compelling as a map. GIS can enhance the value of your IT systems or operate on its own. Every day we are seeing maps become a foundational component for mobile-enabled companies. Organizations in virtually every field from health to utilities are using GIS to make maps that share a story, offer insights, and solve complex problems. 

If you’re an expert in our field, it’s probably been a minute since you’ve paused to think about the power of what you do in such simple terms. And if you’re an executive who’s constantly being told by your team that it’s “invest in GIS or bust”, you’re also probably still wrapping your head around what it is and why you need it.

Here’s the bottom line. GIS reveals clear insights from complex data so that your organization runs smoothly and makes better decisions. 

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s frustrating when your reports should lead to insights- but instead, you’re just left confused. We’ve spent nearly two decades helping businesses like yours apply mapping capabilities to existing software to solve their biggest problems. 

Let’s alleviate those problems together. 

Feel like you need to go back to school to learn GIS?
Ditch the pricy tuition. We'll show you what you need to know.
We Are Committed to Helping Organizations Turn Endless Data Points Into Informed Decisions
"HD Spatial's offshore team supported our Maximo Spatial – GIS integration project through advisement and execution on the Esri environment set-up, cloud hosting and troubleshooting.  Their knowledgeable and responsive resources positively impacted our project. I look forward to working with the HD Spatial team on future projects as a trusted business partner."
- Ken Thompson - Utility Practice Leader, Aquitas Solutions
Here's What We Do
Strategic Consulting
Gain technical insights you can clearly execute in your business
Image by Markus Spiske
Managed Services
Installs? Updates? Maintenance?
Get a strategic safety net that supports your operation as you scale
Understand your current blind spots and get a road map to fix them.
Eliminate the frustration and partner with someone who can get you results with GIS
Image by Daniel Korpai
App Development
Maximo Spatial
Mobile, Desktop, and Cloud-Based
Applications that support your GIS strategy
Gain an industry expert who will integrate IBM's Maximo EAM with ESRI Geospatial Information Systems
Here's How We Get Started
Schedule an Appointment
We Build Your Custom Plan Together
Begin Visualizing Data Differently
Feel Confident that you're in good hands
Speak into the scope of work to ensure we're tackling the right problems
Turn endless data points into informed decisions
Traditional Analytics Alone Just Don't Cut It Anymore

The reporting and analytics businesses have relied on for decades are helpful. They have value. Alone, however, they just don’t cut it anymore as your sole point of reference for decision-making. Utility providers, for example, only have so many hours in the day and the consequences of getting decisions wrong are only getting costlier. Businesses in all industries simply cannot afford to not make smart, informed decisions.

Adding a geospatial dimension on top of those traditional analytics helps uncover insights that weren’t previously accessible or easy to identify. Here at HD Spatial, we help businesses take advantage of those untapped insights through the power of GIS in a variety of EAM business software and mobile applications. In layman's terms, we use maps and visuals to help see what you normally cannot so that you make more informed decisions.



● Make decisions faster

● Feel confident in your approach

● Know that your strategy is backed by data

● Figure out what insights you need most

● Remain innovative in your industry

● Stay focused on what matters most


"...They not only provided excellent GIS subject matter expertise but also brought their “tier 1” System Integrator consulting and project delivery skills to help the team and client succeed..."  - Dianne Depuy


"HDS’s professionalism and strong skill set resulted in us and our clients being successful boosting work efficiency."

- Vikas Gupta - Sr. Manager PwC

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"HDS’s professionalism and strong skill set resulted in us and our clients being successful boosting work efficiency."

- Vikas Gupta - Sr. Manager PwC



The Geo Intelligent Leader's

Whether you are a technical leader in our industry or an executive looking for data that leads to smarter decision-making, this is the playbook we designed to help you get there. 

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