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You Need Answers to Your Biggest Business Problems
(We'll utilize the power of GIS to help you make that happen)
A Solution for Technical Experts and Executives Alike

Geographic Information Systems are a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing the data you depend on every single day. It’s deeply rooted in science, geography to be exact, and is a powerful combination of many different data points transformed into something as simple and compelling as a map. Organizations in virtually every field from health to utilities are using GIS to make maps that share a story, offer insights, and solve complex problems.

If you’re an expert in our field, it’s probably been a minute since you’ve paused to think about the power of what you do in such simple terms. And if you’re an executive who’s constantly being told by your team that it’s “invest in GIS or bust”, you’re also probably still wrapping your head around what it is and why you need it. 

Here’s the bottom line. GIS reveals clear insights from complex data so that your organization makes better decisions. 

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s frustrating when your reports should lead to insights- but instead, you’re just left confused. We’ve spent nearly two decades helping businesses like yours apply maps to solve their biggest problems.

Let’s alleviate those problems together. 

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Jeremy Myers

A Team You Can Count On
JM Headshot.png
Jeremy Myers
Founder and Principal

Jeremy has spent the last two decades using complex systems like Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Enterprise Management Applications (EAM) to solve the biggest problems executives and their technical experts face.


Jeremy launched High Desert Spatial to help companies like yours take advantage of untapped GIS capabilities in their business software so you can get back to focusing on what matters most.

(You should ask him about how he used technology to turn a Formula One racing team from worst to first)

Emmett Head Shot.jpg
Emmett Walsh

With over twenty years of experience in information technology, Emmett has spent a large portion of that time partnering with utility customers ranging from electric and gas to water and telecommunications. 

He’s also worked extensively throughout North America, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and the Middle East.

(He's a sucker for a good approach to work-centric asset management)

Myers8 (2).jpg
Kara Myers
Founder and Principal

Kara has spent a decade and a half helping businesses solve their biggest problems. From business analyst to business owner, she uses her vast experience to lead our consulting operation and position HD Spatial to use the right maps to solve the biggest technical problems.


She's proud of how High Desert Spatial is helping companies like yours get back to focusing on what matters most.

(She's a project leadership guru who's a pro with conflict resolution )

Headshot with Circle_transparent.png
Jeremy Warren
Head of Business Development

Over the past 10 years Jeremy has been a successful entrepreneur, educator, graphic designer, and sales expert. He brings innovation, fresh perspectives, and strategic growth opportunities to HD Spatial's service platforms and portfolios.


With growing experience in the utility industry and project management, Jeremy 2.0 is excited to see exceptional and expansive growth within HD Spatial's footprint and capabilities.

(Business meetings on the traditional links or disc golf links are perfect to discuss your business needs)

Here is our commitment to you:
Heart & Hands
We'll Work Hard.
We'll Be Honest.
We'll Get You Results.
Let's use GIS to solve your biggest business problems.
We Know Building This Partnership is a Big Decision.
(Here are the questions we hear the most)

HD Spatial has developed a proprietary project estimator, resource plans, and project templates that align with big IT Systems Integrator standards.  Based on your needs and requirements we’ll create an itemized estimate that shows work package effort across project phases. Our approach is transparent and objective and makes it easy to understand the impact of changes before committing to work.  With our process you won’t be left wondering, “Now where did they get that number?”

How long does it take?
How much does it cost?

HD Spatial has a good track record putting client needs and success first.  We do this by actively seeking brutally honest feedback and addressing issues early before they become large.  You have stresses and challenges in running your job, projects, business.  We want to take your stress and create results and success that make your life easier.  We do this both informally and with regular check-ins and our project After Action Review.  Our staff’s performance is even tied to these, making your success their success.

Will my investment be worth it?
Can I do it all by myself?

HDS Spatial works with a host of clients and project needs.  We enjoy working both with experienced clients that need extra hands from competent partners as well as clients just starting their GIS journey that need guidance and support.  Our unique blend of GIS depth plus other business IT applications, utility industry best practice knowledge, and big consulting project delivery makes HD Spatial unique though. We see across technology silos to provide end to end, holistic answers to your questions.

Here's How We Get Started
Schedule an Appointment
We Build Your Custom Plan Together
Begin Visualizing Data Differently
Feel Confident that you're in good hands
Speak into the scope of work to ensure we're tackling the right problems
Turn endless data points into informed decisions
The Geo Intelligent Leader's

Whether you are a technical leader in our industry or an executive looking for data that leads to smarter decision-making, this is the playbook we designed to help you get there. 

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