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How HDS’s Developers supported an Utilty AI / Risk Modeling Start Up in modernizing their Asset Integrity Software.

      A colleague at a cutting-edge Utility Software company came to HDS with a problem.  They had acquired an older product that, while meeting a key need of utilities, was in need of a modernization upgrade. Unfortunately the work was both cost prohibitive and required GIS and IT skills that her company was in short supply of.  They had solicited offers for the software, but no one wanted to invest the money needed to modernize it.

      The HDS team was able to combine our utility industry consulting expertise with our  offshore development team’s deep product and code building expertise to modernize the software at much lower prices.  HDS started by leading a Requirements and Design phase to define the new software, get feedback from current utility clients, and scope out the best solution to meet the market needs.  We then embedded developers alongside the client’s developer team and worked side by side on the new product, helping the client developers upskill to new development stacks as we worked.

      As product build progressed HDS continued to advise and fill in support as a trusted partner on issues like User Test programs and Deployment approaches for when the software was ready for public release.   We also began promoting the new software within our other accounts and network to help ensure total client success even beyond the ink on our contract.  This client is now looking for ways to use HDS on their other product lines to help align them with utility IT best practices and use cases.

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