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Quit your day job and come make a difference with us.
Why Work With Us?
We get results, and we have heart.
Professional Skepticism
Curiosity.  We attract Engineers and Analytical people that question assumptions and plumb for truth and meaning in problems and solutions.  We naturally see what “ought” to be and find holes and gaps in proposals so that together we make better, more complete win-win outcomes.  We strive for continual improvement through polite, respectful criticism.  We don’t settle for “that’s just how it is,” but ask “what more could it be?”  We do this in a positive, contributory manor never letting healthy skepticism and debate become unhealthy cynicism.
Intentional Margin

We value Sabbath rest. We do not believe mankind was designed to work 24/7. We will work hard to meet a deadline, often going the extra mile but we allow all team members to build time into their week that is offline time. We also value our team's vacation and holiday times by allowing them to truly unplug and take care of their health and most important relationships. We know a rested and rejuvenated team will be energized for amazing results and serve our customers better.


To this end we have an unlimited time off policy for employees meeting performance standards.

Continuous Growth
We value learning and growing. Learning and growth did not end when we finished school. We consider ourselves Lead Learners. Learning and growing in our personal knowledge, growing in our industry knowledge, being good studies of our clients and ultimately evolving as a business.  We do value stability as well so continuous growth does not mean constant change just continual improvement.
Family + Marriage Friendly
We know our people are our most valuable assets and are choosing to work with us. Therefore, we allow our team to concentrate on their most valuable relationships, their marriages, and children, without fear of cost to their careers. At HDS, spouses and children are intentionally included in our company culture. We know our team needs their at-home cheering squad backing them up. Consulting can often be a lonely and isolating field to work in. At HDS, we prioritize your family as much as you do.
Extreme Integrity
Integrity is doing the right thing even if no one is watching. We know God is always watching. We do the right thing, always, even if it costs us money.  Business isn't always about the numbers which is why at HDS we value ethics and integrity above the numbers.  Integrity takes practice and starts with even the smallest matters and interactions.

We treat people as adults and expect them to return that treatment to our company and our clients.  We expect our people to own their actions and results even when things don’t turn out well.  We own and learn from our mistakes individually and as a team.  Growth and innovation depend on taking risks.  We want people able to risk big for our clients and our company knowing they have a team that will support them.  


The benefit of this is that our employees have line of site between their work and the outcomes of our business.  This means transparency from the company to employees on direction and status.  This means employee compensation and rewards are directly impacted by employee performance with no caps.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

HD Spatial practices empathetic client service.  We own the problems, issues, and roadblocks to our client’s success.  When a problem arises for our clients, it may not be our fault, but it is still our problem to solve for them.  Rather than focus on blame, our focus will be on resolving and creating great outcomes for our clients.


We take time to deliver high caliber, polished results.  We are forward thinking both by bringing new, proven trends to bear at a strategic level, but also anticipating client needs on a daily/project level.

Cutting Edge, Dynamic Innovation

HD Spatial strives to be on the forefront of all our endeavors.  This means our solutions, our delivery of work, as well as the way we run our business.  Our people thrive on exploration and discovery.  We work to connect our discoveries and insights back to the known – blazing a path that can be repeatedly followed.  We will not be afraid to drop practices or products that are past their purpose in order to clear room for new growth and innovation.  We provide opportunities for our employees to feed their creativeness so they are in position to have transformational insights.

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