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We are a global company with headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We specialize in Spatial and GIS System technologies that differentiate our company through our experience, our ability to execute, and our strategic partner network. 



At HD Spatial we're employing a leading business trend for organizations known as “ad-hocracy” to bring together the best experts in the industry across domains to solve your problems and drive results.



We offer a full set of Spatial and GIS Services that separate us from the competition. Our GIS Advisory services are unique in this domain. Among other offerings, we also provide geo-spatial analysis, an IBM Maximo Spatial Readiness Assessment, and Integrating GIS technology to your existing systems and mobile applications.


Our Projects reflect deep industry  experience. We believe they will show you a well rounded set of skills and experiences in various environments.  For your project this means we bring best practice perspectives and tested operational approaches.

IBM Maximo Development Partner Board

HD Spatial participates on the IBM Development Partners group for Maximo Spatial and Utilities. This group is a liaison between IBM product managers, developers, and select utility end users.  Meetings are held 3-4 times per year to discuss upcoming product functionality and consider new directions and capabilities for the product.

The group serves as a sounding board to discuss common Asset Management and GIS problems faced by utilities.  We then brainstorm ways Maximo Spatial could solve those issues.

HD Spatial has presented in this forum on the issue of modeling linear asset splits (water/gas mains, conductors, service lines, etc.) while maintaining accounting of asset work history.  We also frequently participate in the lively discussions on field experience and product capabilities.

Energy and Utilities - Transmission and Distribution 


7108 Vista del Arroyo Ave

Albuquerque, NM 87109

+1 505  903  8455

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Energy and Utilities - Gas Distribution

HD Spatial provided GIS subject matter expertise on a greenfield implementation of Maximo EAM software and ESRI GIS software for gas distribution inspection and compliance activities for a multi-state gas Transmission and Distribution utility in the Mid-West.  HD Spatial lead the integration of Maximo and ESRI GIS – conducting functional workshops, detail design, and leading build and test activities. HD Spatial also created and launched a GIS sub-team to provide the client with ESRI GIS governance alongside the Intergraph to ESRI; ESRI to Click Software Mobile interfaces using Oracle Spatial.

Energy and Utilities - Electric 
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We offer a set of Spatial and GIS Services that separate us from the competition. They range from GIS Advisory services and analysis, an IBM Maximo Spatial Readiness Assessment, Integrating GIS technology to your existing systems and mobile, configuration and implementation of a full range of business improvement services along with extended capabilities together with our worldwide strategic business partners.  


HD Spatial consultants supported a two year EAM project to replace Passport EAM with Maximo EAM for a multistate electric utility in the South West covering Transmission and Distribution operations as well as all Generation operations. The client moved from only tracking Construction Work Management activities to tracking Asset Management and reliability activities in their EAM system. A new Mobile Inspections application based on IBM Maximo Anywhere with enhanced ESRI runtime was developed along with integration to PowerPlan via ArcFM CU Designer. HD Spatial served in multiple roles acting as T&D process lead, GIS Integration Lead, Mobile Inspections Lead and Testing Co-Lead on the project for a major System Integrator.


HD Spatial was chosen to Architect a First-of-its-Kind project to implement Maximo Spatial on large Southeast regional electric utility GIS and ArcFM datasets. We led process and technical solution design and built a Proof of Concept environment to determine Maximo Spatial suitability with ArcFM.

"...They not only provided excellent GIS subject matter expertise but also brought their “tier 1” System Integrator consulting and project delivery skills to help the team and client succeed..."  - Dianne Depuy


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